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The Best Places For Turkey Hunting in Georgia

April 6, 2020

Hunting, in general, is a widely popular sport. But in Georgia, especially, hunting is a near-common norm. And when it comes to turkey hunting, Georgia is no stranger to it. But if you ever find yourself interested in turkey hunting, it can be difficult to know where to begin. You might have the proper tools and licenses but where can you go hunting turkeys? As it turns out, due to the sport’s popularity, there are many places in Georgia where it can be done. In fact, there are places thriving with turkeys that any hunter can easily bag. But there are, of course, some places better than others. And almost no location can compare to Gray Ghost Plantation. While many turkey hunting areas can provide some proper accommodations, Gray Ghost Plantation can offer everything that you need.

Continue reading below to see some of the best turkey hunting locations in the state of Georgia.

Gray Ghost Plantation: Georgia Turkey Hunting Reserve

Gray Ghost Plantation is well known for its quail and whitetail deer, but we are notorious for our turkey hunting. Gray Ghost Plantation offers patrons a 1200 acre hunting preserve which provides for some of the best turkey hunting in Georgia.

Our location offers a free-range hunting plantation that provides the perfect atmosphere for all hunters who enjoy the outdoors. No matter what setting you desire, from hilly areas to the bottom swamps, Gray Ghost Plantation has it all. Our hunting preserve provides great cover, food source, and a natural habitat for turkeys.

Gray Ghost Lodge

At Gray Ghost Plantation, we offer excellent service and accommodations to all patrons. This is why we’re confident that when you visit our hunting preserve as a customer, you’ll leave as a friend. We take pride in offering affordable rates for our lodge which provides guests with all the comforts you’d find in a home. While staying at our lodge, you’ll have access to satellite TV and wireless internet and you’ll also have the benefit of eating our home-cooked meals. We also provide whatever assistance you need to ensure your hunt is a successful one.

Our Turkey Hunting Package

In our area of Georgia, your hunting trip is granted with a high percentage rate of harvesting a good, wild turkey. We offer patrons a 3-day turkey hunting package that includes a guide and everything you’ll need to hunt a turkey. No matter if you’re a beginner or a master, we can customize your turkey hunting package tailored to your needs. We can also accommodate special interest groups, large corporate groups, and children of all ages. Also, if you so desire, we can employ a local taxidermist to mount your trophy bird.

If you’re curious about our turkey hunting package and want to learn more, click HERE.

Other Places for Turkey Hunting

If you are nowhere near the Mauk city area – where Gray Ghost Plantation resides – then there are state and national parks where you can carry out for your turkey hunting needs. These places, however, don’t provide the expertise and homely lodging services that Gray Ghost Plantation offers,

McGraw Ford WMA

Located in Cherokee County on the Etowah River, this 2,255-acre property provides hunting opportunities for turkeys and other animals such as deer, bears, and small game. They don’t provide lodging, however.

Buck Shoals WMA

This park is located in White County and offers guests their 582-acre property. And while this Wildlife Management Area (WMA) offers turkey hunting to patrons, hunting events are only exclusive to the youth. In other words, not all ages are able to perform turkey hunting here.

John’s Mountain WMA

This massive hunting preserve located in four counties (Walker, Whitefield, Gordon, and Floyd) offers hunting opportunities to all guests who are interested. Because of its size, however, it can be difficult knowing where exactly to look for specific game, such as turkeys. Also, the park only allows primitive camping as opposed to lodging.

For The Best Turkey Hunting Experience, Contact Gray Ghost Plantation

You can go just about anywhere for turkey hunting, but if you want to go deep in the center of Georgia for a fun, exciting, and relaxing hunting experience, then look no further than Gray Ghost Plantation. Besides turkey hunting, we also offer guests the chance to hunt deer and quails while still enjoying the luxury of our hunting lodge. For any inquiries, you may call us at 478-334-5841 or visit our contact page.